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Survey Chimp

Powered Breakthrough Technology
Helps You Generate Laser-Targeted Leads, Segment Your List,
Pitch The Right Offers And Get You Repeat Sales

Includes Futuristic Features like Intelligent Surveys, Sentiment Analysis (first-to-market),
Voice-Based Survey, QR Codes, Smart Optins & Bonuses and a lot more…

SurveyChimp is the first software in its class on JVZoo, that now provides marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs with advanced technology used by the BIG players in the world.

We have successfully combined 24/7 MONITORING with MACHINE LEARNING ALGORITHMS…

… to help you Protect Your Brand, Analyze Your Audience Opinions, And Connect With Your Potential Customers.

Powered By A.I. SurveyChimp’s Sentiment Analysis feature helps you quickly find positive, negative and neutral mentions about your business, competitors or any keyword you want.

BIG players (and now you too…) regularly use Sentiment Analysis to:


Find Marketing Insights – Learn what your customers think about your products and adjust your offer to meet their needs. Compare key product characteristics to find features your audience loves – or the ones that can be improved…and stay one step ahead of the market ALWAYS.




Improve Customer Service – Track and find negative or snarky comments early… it can even detect basic forms of sarcasm, so your team can immediately react to all relevant posts.





Protect Your Reputation – Find negative comments and talk to your customers or audience and turn them into loyal customers by quickly addressing any issues they might be facing.


Generate MORE Leads, MORE Sales and MORE Sign-ups…


Gather Feedback In Real-Time


Customer Loyalty Programmes


Promote Special Offers





Trusted & Loved By Thousands
Of Marketers And Business Owners


The Only Tool You Need To
Convert Prospects Into Laser-Targeted Leads
Inside One Easy To Use Platform!

Smart Surveys Guarantee Higher Engagement & Skyrocket Conversions


Generate MORE & BETTER Leads

Drive the “top of the funnel” cold traffic and bring them through a series of branched questions to arrive at a warm lead position and go to the right lead for targeted follow up, making them a hot lead ready to buy or act.

Maximize Reach And Engagement

Create & run UNLIMITED Intelligent Surveys on websites, landing Pages, eCom stores and even social media networks!


Turn Traffic Into MORE Sales

Just like a real salesperson… your surveys can now divert people to relevant pages and offers based on their response… sending your conversion rate through the roof.

Take A Look At Some Of
Users’ Results

JB van der Linden was able to generate 8762 leads


Jose Rosario was able to generate 3874 leads

Bramantya was able to generate 3333 leads


Despite being so obviously important for any business looking to grow
– business owners and marketers have shied away from Surveys in general.

We did our research i.e. ran a few surveys to figure out why…

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